Global education

In NaZemi, we believe that global education is a way how to better understand ourselves in relation to other people, to the environment and the complexity of the world. We see global education as a way how to re-awake to the reality of entanglement, where people, planet and non-humans are connected and that our challenges are connected as well.

We believe that through global education we can support values and attitudes that help people to take active role and participate  with open critical eyes and open heart on local, as well as on global level in processes leading towards just and sustainable world. We explore ways of supporting people in learning and acting.

We cooperate with a wide network of educators, schools and teachers and other organisations and communities. By doing so, we aim to promote and integrate global education and mutual learning processes into the Czech educational system, both formal and informal and among wider public as well.

What we do


Global Storylines


In cooperation with Wosdec Global Learning Centre we piloted and introduced Global Storylines in the Czech Republic. In this approach, learners become characters in a community that is facing a particular global issue. At the moment, Global Storylines are being used in more than 15 primary schools in the Czech Republic.

To find more information about Global Storylines in English, go to


Courses and seminars for teachers


For more than 5 years, we have been teaching long-term courses on critical thinking and global education. While exploring complex global issues, we combine the Reading and Writing to Critical Thinking methodology and the approach of Stephen Brookfield. We also offer tailored courses for specific groups (schools, universities, NGOs) and teach two global education courses at the Masaryk University in Brno, one at the Faculty of Education, second at the Faculty of Arts.


Scouts and Guides: Active Global Citizens

This international project aims to increase the role Scouts and Guides play in promoting human rights, equality and justice in the world. It encourages Scouts and Guides to recognise we live in an interconnected world where local actions have global impacts. For more information, go to


Educational materials and resources

During the past 10 years, we published more than 15 publications containing various educational resources (activities, games, programmes) that can be used in formal and non-formal education context. Thanks to international cooperation, you can find some of those in English and we are happy to share them. To find a complete list of materials available in English, click here.


Facilitating learning and change in group processes

We are interested in techniques that help to cultivate discussions and enable groups to reach decisions close to consensus. We offer trainings and facilitation of group processes for various groups, such as schools, NGOs or other public institutions. We are interested in cooperation with groups that want to explore the ways of changing their inner structures, communication and decision making patterns or finding their goals or visions. Together, we can explore the possibilities of change. 

Would you like to cooperate with us? We are interested in: 

  • supporting schools to be actively engaged in global education and in implementing innovative and participatory methods

  • empowering schools to be the actors of change not only internally (as part of the curriculum) but also towards their local community

  • cooperation with teacher training institutions (e.g. pedagogical faculties) on incorporation of global education into the training of future teachers

  • working with scouts organizations and networks

  • implementing experiential learning in global education