Workers rights

NaZemi promotes both corporate social accountability in the supply chain, and Fair Trade as an effective form of support for farmers and producers from countries in the Global South.

We believe in society that recognizes the right to life in dignity for all. Decent working conditions and a living wage are important factors for ensuring decent life and therefore NaZemi, together with both national and international partners, runs several campaigns for improving the working conditions in the Global South countries.

Workers rights in garment industry, shoe industry and in agricultural sector

Main thematic areas for our work are garment and shoe industry and production of main export agricultural commodities (coffee, tea, fresh fruits, cotton and others).

Our main accomplishments in social corporate accountability

We challenge the garment and shoe companies and we inform consumers

We invited two young women from Cambodian garment factories to the Czech Republic. The Czech public and media had thus an opportunity to learn more about working conditions in the garment supply chain. We provide expertise in the area of garment and shoe supply chain for various media (the Czech Radio, Czech Television or We have also implemented a survey of 47 Czech outdoor companies that monitored where these companies produce and how they control the working conditions in the factories. We prepared a popular and interactive training about the garment supply chain for the public (“Look underneath the layers”). We have also joined several successful appeals, e.g. the petition for living wage that has been signed by more than 60 000 people till end of 2014.

We are the founding member of the Clean Clothes Czech Republic

On 7th October 2014, we have together with Ecumenical Academy joined the international movement of the Clean Clothes Campaign, which has been improving the working conditions in the global garment supply chain for over 20 years. This alliance will help us to create a more effective pressure on garment and shoe companies; it will also help us to monitor the working conditions in the producing countries better. Consumers will be available to call on companies’ responsibility through improved channels.

We have organised a happening “Clothes do kill”

The faces of victims of 2013 Rana Plaza disaster slowly appeared in symbolic red colour on white T-shirts. This scene could be seen in Prague in December 2014 and it represented a symbolic act of remembrance of the victims, who died while making our clothes. Authors of portraits were artists Dalibor Krch a Jakub Fafílek. Press and on-line media informed about the happening.

We have successfully lobbied the members of European Parliament

Four of the newly elected members of the European Parliament have supported our campaign for a living wage. Another successful lobbying campaign was Vote for Fair Trade, which we implemented in cooperation with Ecumenical Academy. 45 candidates have signed the manifesto supporting Fair Trade and 7 of them was elected to represent the Czech Republic in the European parliament. The campaign was also supported by Jean-Claude Juncker, current President of the European Commission. More than 430 candidates supported the campaign Europe-wide. 

Our main accomplishments in Fair Trade

We have organised a successful picnic to support local and Fairtrade farmers

137 places all over the Czech Republic engaged in a picnic-style happening to support Fairtrade and local farmers. More than 5 000 people came to this 5th run of the so-called Fairtrade Breakfast. The happening was also important for the media reach, with more than 365 media articles and news published.

We motivate towns and schools to join the Fairtrade movement

We organised a National Fairtrade Conference in cooperation with the Ecumenical Academy. The conference provided an opportunity for almost 100 people engaged in campaign of Fairtrade towns to share good practices, plans and experiences. The guest speaker was the founder of campaign Bruce Crowther from the UK. In the end of 2014 there were 11 Fairtrade schools and 8 Fairtrade towns.

We engage media to inform about Fair Trade

In spring of 2014 we have travelled in company of the Czech Television crew to visit coffee farmers in Mexico and Guatemala. A 20-minute documentary about coffee growing, Fair Trade system and NaZemi was created thanks to this cooperation. The documentary was broadcasted by the Czech Television in February 2015.

We are an important wholesale retailer of Fair Trade products

We have focused on developing wholesale and online sales in our social business based shop ( In 2014 our turnover reached 2 050 722 CZK.

We have also a private brand of coffee (Fair Café) and five types of tea (Fair Tea). Fair Café is our hand-picked mix of coffee arabica from Guatemala and Central Mexico and coffee robusta from Tanzania. We supply companies and also cafés in Brno. Fair Tea includes various loose teas such as rooibos or green and black tea.

Our business is run mostly by volunteers. Currently we cooperate with more than 70 volunteers, who also engage in other activities of NaZemi, such as preparations of conference, running a volunteers centre, visual documentation, exhibitions, graphic and design preparations etc. 
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