UnderCover - Resource Book on Global Dimensions of our Consumption for Teachers

Is there a better way to illustrate the interconnectedness and interdependence of people all over the world and its concequences than through the system material economy?!?

The UnderCover handbook uses the topic of trade and consumption as an accessible example of mutual connection between people all around the world. The relations between the people who purchase and consume the goods and the people who produce them or who are affected by their life-cycle, as well as the nature, makes the consumers and traders complicit in harm.  We are part of the problem as the world is interconnected, on the other hand, we can use our influence for change.

The individual lessons deal with things that we use and eat, they address the origins of these things, how they are valued by other people, how they are traded, under which conditions and how they impact the environment and lifes of people. They raise questions concerning the influence of our shopping habits, the shaping of our wishes and ways to change these respective matters and situations.

This book is a product of cooperation among educators in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece on the World in the Shopping Cart project and is ready to be used by high school teachers and educators in those countries.

The handbook offers 43 lessons in 6 chapters:

If you want…

  • …students to gain a different point of view
  • …students to explore new connections
  • …students to experience the topic
  • …students to think about themselves
  • …sto inspire students
  • …students to work with film