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In this chapter you will find worksheets for five documentaries, which couldn‘t be included in the English version of this resource book due to copyright issues. Story of Stuff is accesible on-line, the rest of the movies you can purchase from the publisher.
Learning and becoming aware of problems and the complexity of the world could lead to a state of global depression and apathy if we do not also hear about some encouraging cases of cooperation and successful efforts of people to change things for the better – in our circle of people or in the world generally. Such good news serves as inspiration to look for a domain of our own influence and possibilities of changing the current situation that we consider unjust toward people or nature.
Lessons in this chapter offer inspiration for learning about oneself. They help find answers to what shapes, conditions and influences our perception and experiences, or what relativizes our perceptions of others and the world. Students ask themselves these questions more often than usual: How do I feel or experience this? Why do I think this? What influences me? etc.
This chapter includes lessons that evoke feelings and experiences in participants using games that facilitate understanding of some phenomena. Some lessons develop empathy and the ability to imagine the situation of other people by means of roles.
Lessons in this chapter support thinking in contexts; we could even say thinking beyond products or covers. They work with information on frequently fairly surprising consequences of our activities and they help students understand the interdependence of phenomena and people in the world. Their focus is to motivate us to pose questions such as the following: What comes with it? Which consequences does it have?
This chapter offers opportunities for looking at one or two things from several points of view or from an unusual perspective. It makes students ask questions that they have never thought of before and explore the issues that have impacted their perspectives. This chapter focuses on searching for various perspectives in a dialogue with classmates and with voices coming from different environments.
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